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New Migration Data

On a whale watch I will often ask if anyone has any guesses as to how the whales find their way back to Maui each year.  I always mention, somewhat sarcastically, that celestial navigation is a possibility.  As it turns out there is new data to suggest that this could be a viable option.  Check out the article below from wired.com:



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Each year The center for Whale Studies names a “Whale Watch Captain of the Year” and this year the award went to our very own DAVE HIMLE! We are all very excited and proud of him, and he is 100% deserving of the honor.  It was a wonderful season that is quickly coming to an end but we look forward to another year with Dave as our Captain.  Congratulations!!

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The whales are not the only ones migrating back to Alaska this year, I will be too. I decided to do what many people in Maui do and spend the summer in Alaska.  I will be staying in Seward for the summer and will be working for a company that does wildlife tours.  The good news?  I will keep you posted on amazing whale, and other sea life, adventures while I’m there!

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Sadly the whales recently have been on a significant decline.  The end is near.  The end of whale season is technically May 15th.  Although, when talking to Captain Dave the other day he mentioned that in ten years he saw one whale in the month of May.  Needless to say, we have a whole month of whale watches that, by our standards, are somewhat slow.  It is always a sad time of the season but one that has to take place to make us appreciate peak season as much as we do. I will continue to update if we have an amazing show.

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