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I Did It!

I have finally figured out how to use iMovie to compile a few pictures with the audio from the bubble netting. Now it is a video file, compatible with youtube, and now is ready to view…enjoy!


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My time at Kenai Fjords Tours has come to an end.  The end of the summer marks the end of the season around here and more tour companies have already called it quits for the year.  It was a surprisingly beautiful summer, or so they tell me 😉 (I’m still convinced it has been near freezing), here in Seward, Alaska with plenty of sunny days and uncommonly calm waters.  I have also been told that this year has been especially amazing in terms of Humpback activity (I’d like to believe the whales knew I came up so they hung around more, but that hasn’t been verified yet).

It has been a wonderful summer full of new people and an improved library of whale knowledge.  Some of the things I have seen were simply unforgettable.  Shortly after reporting the first bubble net sighting I was able to get a copy of the audio and am still working on converting it to a usable file format to upload to youtube (clearly I need some help in the tech department). Only a week or so after that, I was able to see bubble netting for myself.  The group I saw was smaller, only four whales, but it was incredible! My captain ended up having to take the microphone away from me because my excitement beat out my will power and I was, for lack of a better word, squealing into the mic. I only got one picture, because I was busy being excited, but I got an identification shot of three of the whales.

Between, breachers, chin slappers, bubble netting, mountain goats, a group of over 100 offshore orcas, bears, moose, a wide variety of birds, harbor porpoise, Dall’s porpoise, Dall’s sheep, bald eagles, puffins, glaciers, fin whales, minke whales, and much much more…it has been one unforgettable summer, a VERY cold summer, but still unforgettable! I have some pictures here to recap the summer season since I was not very active in keeping this updated. I hope you enjoy and I will have more for you once the Maui Whale Season 2012 begins on December 15th, although I will be reporting as soon as the first sightings are made! From Alaska, aloha! I’ll see you in Maui…




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