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I can finally say that it now feels like whale season.  Although the calendar turns to December 15, it doesn’t always mean that the whales know that.  The last few days on the water, however, it has actually felt like my favorite time of year has begun.  Yesterday, we were crossing to Lana’i and had to stop several times for a variety of groups that popped up.  I had my first close encounter with a very active competition group.  There were a few boats watching them, we slowed as we approached and the female made a turn toward our boat, Trilogy VI. The five whales in the group, plus calf in tow, blew by our port side.  Mom was on a mission to get out of there, but hesitant to move too fast, in the event it would leave her little one behind. It was a “drive by” style sighting, but exciting to see.

Today, I worked a whale watch and sunset sail, on both trips we were focused on one group, while watching several others simultaneously.  Now, typically, this can be discouraging because it distracts our passengers from the main show which is right in front of us.  But seeing it today was reassuring and made me think that we have a good season coming our way.

No pictures or videos yet, but I am sure the good footage is just around the corner. Stay tuned…


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The Time Has Arrived... It's December 15th!!!

That’s right, it’s officially the 2014 whale season!! Who’s excited?? Well, lots of new and fun stuff coming up. So far, I personally, have not seen too many whales. But, hopefully, this will change soon with the holiday tourist season starting to pick up this week, which for me translates to more water time. A few cool things to report still: orcas are in Maui (3 sightings so far), I saw my first competition group, some fisherman have been reporting sperm whale sightings south of Lana’i, and (my personal favorite) I got my captain’s license about a month ago!

There will be plenty to come in the next few days as we gear up for another amazing season. In the mean time, please enjoy the picture attached to this post. It is my prize shot from last season! I took it on my iPhone while using a Lifeproof case, amazing, right? I was pretty impressed especially since it was due to shear luck, no skill was involved in this… at all!

I’m happy to be back and to report regularly with the Maui whale activity… Cheers!

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