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***Please check out the following video.  The odd noise comes right around the one minute mark.***

After we moved on from the breaching calf, we came across a single adolescent male.  Yearlings (so named because they are a year old and it is their first trip back to Hawaii after being born) and other young whales are among my favorites.  They truly appear to be confused when they are here and just generally do not know what to do with themselves.  The whale we encountered was a male, which is what I would have assumed but for the first time I was able to know this for sure based on the animals anatomy.  He swam right by the boat, belly up, and you could see that there was no hemispherical lobe.  This lobe around the genital slit is the only way to differentiate between males and females.

He mugged us, checked us out, and then as he swam toward a raft near by he let out the strangest noise.  Often times as the whales exhale they create a trumpet noise, similar to elephants.  This particular noise was while he was inhaling and has been described as similar to a burp or a dog growling.  I do have it on video and am hoping to post it, but there are a few logistics I need to figure out in order to get it posted.

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