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The term “whale soup” is thrown around a lot while we are on the water, and for good reason.  We are quickly entering the peak of our whale season here on Maui.  It certainly feels that way out there on the water.  We did two trips today both leaving from Lahaina Harbor and had good shows with each.  The problem that arises during this portion of the season is not whether there will be whales, but rather, which whales to watch.  Sometimes we set out, find a decent group, and hang out.  But often times watching one group is impossible because so many more pop up around you.  The boat feels like there is a severe, and very contagious, strain of A.D.D going around. That was the case today, we had whales in every direction.  We had whales pop up next to us (“drive by” style), there were breachers within a few hundred yards, tail throws to our 4 o’clock, and spouts punctuating the horizon.  There is a sense of franticness that comes with these trips. The passengers don’t want to miss anything and find themselves repeatedly looking back and forth and running around the boat. It is a good problem to have, but you can see panic as they raise the camera and shoot away hoping to get just a bit of evidence of what they have seen.

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As we left Ka’anapali beach on Wednesday, we noticed a raft getting mugged by an adolescent. We kept our distance and eventually shut the boat down as we got within range. The wind slowly set us in closer to the boat and our whale, and the show began. This whale was very much in love with the raft and had been with them for almost 30 minutes. This whale seemed strictly interested in the raft, and once there was a bit of space between the raft and whale, the raft left. With his newly found love interest gone, our male stuck around long enough to try and splash us (Sea World style), before taking off. He left us as a boat full of passengers with perm-smiles! Another great day in the Maui Nui Basin.

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Where Have I Been?

I hate that I have been so absent this season and have not put up as many pictures and video as I would have liked.  Before I left for my vacation to Bali, my computer crashed.  This week I received my new iMac in the mail and have been getting caught up and organized.  I have some great underwater footage as well as still shots.  Bear with me for a few more days, then expect a flood of information and stories to come through! Aloha!

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